Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I've added a booklist to netsmith.

I'm going to attempt to backfill the booklist with as much as I can remember.

I'm want to keep a booklist for these reasons:
  1. So that when I give my opinion on a book to someone, they can have some context.
  2. So that I can keep track of the development of my knowledge portfolio over time and potentially identify trends or areas where I should refocus my learning efforts.
  3. So that when I personally want to recommend a book to someone and have trouble remembering the author or title, I can point them to my booklist.
  4. So that I have a place to keep notes, fieldstones, opinions, and resources related to a book.

Additionally, I plan to queue up books here based on recommendations received.

With the title and author, you can search a major bookseller to locate the book and find further information. I'm not going to use any commission/associate program (i.e. - amazon) as I wouldn't want to introduce any potential conflict of interest and/or unnecessary bias in any reviews or recommendations.


jmuf said...

After looking through your reading list I became fascinated with the idea of a book list as a running commentary on "what's interesting to me right now". I will definitely be starting my own list, thanks for the idea!

Matt said...


Glad to hear it! Please send me a link to your booklist when you have it up.

- Matt