Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Attaching and modifying a running java program

Java 6...

This article brings to mind the quote "with great power comes great responsibility".

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Paradox of Choice, Domain Driven Design, Mac OS X, and where have I been?

Long time no post!

What are my lame excuses for not having posted in a while?
  1. I've switched out of the consulting realm and taken an exciting opportunity working for a small software product company in Dallas. I'm really excited about the chance to make an impact starting at the ground floor. We're building a really exciting team, and setting the bar as high as we can reach.
  2. I've "switched" to OS X (as part of the new job) in the form of a macbook pro 17"!. It took a few days to adapt to some of the metaphors in OS X, and I imagine I still have a quite a bit to learn, but I'm very happy with the capabilities so far and some of the extra keys (like the apple/command key) are actually starting to feel intuitive.
  3. I just finished reading a few books about DDD (added to the booklist). I believe this is the next wave of concepts that will aid in managing of complexity inherent in developing and maintaining software. The concepts and patterns of DDD address some problems you are likely to be very familiar with if you have a been on your share of software development initiatives. There are very few books on the subject at the moment, and the patterns and techniques of the approach are deep and well-thought out. Don't confuse this with 'domain modeling'. This is much deeper beast. The techniques appear complementary to Agile principles. The books I've had time to read are:
    1. Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans
    2. Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns (in C#) by Jimmy Nilsson
  4. Meanwhile, I postponed reading the following book, but I did find a google video presentation from the author of "The Paradox of Choice" at
  5. Studying....ahem... patterns of immersion has been keeping me busy as well. Let's just say that Wii got very distracted over the holidays and WoW some games are really a time sink (level 38 and counting) :)