Saturday, June 07, 2008

Eric Schmidt - What can others copy from Google, how does his style compare to other CEO's

Great video with CEO Eric Schmidt on a variety of mgmt topics, challenges he faces at google, and how he tries to facilitate the focusing of the energies of passionate engineers and founders.  He alludes to what he thinks would be hard for others to copy, and what wouldn't.

One thing in particular that Eric mentions is along the lines of:  When you have smart people, encourage debate on anything and everything, BUT you MUST set a dead-line and make decisions in order to ensure your organization doesn't devolve into a purely academic environment.   He also talks about keeping people involved, how to challenge people and evaluate innovation ideas.  On challenging and evaluating innovative ideas, he seems to embrace a model similiar to Bill Gate's -- rigorously challenging down to the details and requiring hard facts.  Good stuff.

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