Thursday, November 30, 2006

Great Talk from Ken Schwaber - Father of Scrum

Check out this great talk from Ken Schwaber (father of scrum)

Some things I took away from the talk:

  1. Concept of a 'Design dead product' -- that is to say the gradual cutting of code quality over time (to satisfy deadlines) which backs a a team into a corner of design debt and steadily slows achievable velocity per iteration/sprint.
  2. "Scrum master also known as 'the prick'"
  3. QA is apparently a great source of people who can be an effective scrum master -- because they know what a true 'done' is ...

I picked this up from reading Xavier Warzee's blog.

It looks like Google has speakers in regularly and publishes them as Google Tech Talks on Google Video. These are worth keeping an eye on if they can get speakers of this quality on a regular basis.

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